London, 6th of May 2014

The ECO-SEE project held its first planned External Expert Advisory Board meeting in London on the 6th of May 2014.

DSC00623 UploadThe first meeting brought together Ms Christine Däumling, Dr Derrick R Crump and Dr Sotiris Vardoulakis, as well as Prof. Charles Weschler who joined via Skype.

The aim of the EEAB is to accompany the project throughout its lifetime and provide expert advice and feedback of the activities and outcomes of the project. Their tasks will include: ensuring a high standard of research and monitoring through contributions to annual meetings; when appropriate advising the consortium and making recommendations to improve performance; communicating with relevant stakeholders on ECO-SEE activities.

Overall, seven diverse experts have agreed to serve on the EEAB, and will be involved in the subsequent planned meetings.

Click here to read the agenda of the meeting.