Dr. Andy Dengel from BRE, partner of the ECO-SEE project, gave a presentation at the ECOBUILD exhibition in London as part of the “Air Quality Challenge”, stressing the negative side effects of poor indoor air quality on human health and well-being.

Along with good ventilation, comfortable indoor temperature is an essential condition for healthy homes. But according to the last Healthy Homes Barometer, published on 20 April 2016, 82% of Europeans live in homes that were too cold at some point during the last winter. On top of this, bad indoor air quality doubles the risk of respiratory illness and affects our productivity at work. To tackle both of these issues, ECO-SEE partners are designing new eco-materials that will address poor indoor air quality by taking out some of the pollutants while also radically improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

As highlighted by the Healthy Homes Barometer, home well-being and energy savings are the main drivers of building renovation. In that sense, the solutions developed within the ECO-SEE project appear to be in line with the expectations of European citizens and could pave the way towards a healthy European building stock.

For more information, you can read the Healthy Homes Barometer report for 2016 here and watch the presentation of Dr. Andy Dengel here.