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The ECO-SEE eco-building materials will be on show at the upcoming BAU Trade Fair, taking place in Munich from 16-21 January.

ECO-SEE will be included in the ‘Fraunhofer CityLaboratory’ stand, where the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance presents innovative products and solutions from building research, located in Hall C2, Booth 538.

In addition to the stand there will also be presentations on the project during the fair: on Tuesday from Wolfgang Hofbauer (Fraunhofer IBP) on microbiological performance and on Saturday from Pete Walker (University of Bath), who will give an overview of the ECO-SEE project.

Intelligent facades

The Fraunhofer CityLaboratory booth showcases the professional competence of 14 Fraunhofer institutes to provide interdisciplinary solutions for the building industry. This year the show focuses on: digital planning, building and operating; intelligent facades; safety and comfort and; resource efficiency and energy management.

ECO-SEE is to be featured in the ‘intelligent facades’ area, where two ECO-SEE wall panels will be on display (one external, one internal, full size wall panels, dimensions 1.2 x 2.4 x 0.4/0.2 m³). An ECO-SEE poster and leaflets will also be available, with project partners on hand to explain the project and its products to visitors.

BAU is the Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, and is held every two years. It is where future-oriented manufacturers come together with an audience of interested professionals. Their primary interests include the latest techniques, materials and applications that can be put to use in actual practice. Follow the links for more information about this year's programme and registration



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