The penultimate progress meeting of the ECO-SEE project has taken place on 8 February at Acciona's headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Partners came together to discuss how work is progressing and plan activites for the final six months of the project.

Before the meeting, partners made the most of the opportunity to visit one of the ECO-SEE demonstrations, located at Acciona's test site.

Having been kept up to date with progress from afar, project partners could finally make a close up inspection of the two 30mcells, which will validate the design and performance of the ECO-SEE wall panels. 

It was especially interesting for attendees from the University of Bath, who have built identical cells at their own HIVE test facility in the UK. 

The cells are currently being monitored to evaluate indoor air quality as well as acoustic, microbial and thermal performance in real weather conditions. 

It's fair to assume there will have been a spike in the acoustic readings as partners had plenty of questions for the hosts, Maria and Patricio from Acciona. 


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