Buildings account for the around half of the EU’s total energy consumption. So energy efficiency gains in the construction sector are seen as central to the energy transition in the EU.

Ongoing activities in the energy transition are promoted during the ‘Visualising Energy’ campaign, an annual exhibition which takes place during the EU Sustainable Energy Week (19-25 June) in Brussels. This year ECO-SEE will be taking part.

Initial results have already shown that ECO-SEE has developed some extremely low energy building solutions. Performance data has shown a 50% improvement in energy performance and a 20% reduction in embodied energy compared to reference materials.

During the campaign the ECO-SEE solutions will be featured in a photo exhibition which highlights the human dimension of the energy transition by showing workers on different renewable energy and energy efficiency projects around Europe and beyond.

Also look out for ECO-SEE in the next edition of the international Revolve magazine, which accompanies the campaign. All these activities will help raise awareness in the weeks before the final ECO-SEE policy event, which is taking place on the 29 June in Brussels. It is already possible to register for the event via this link.